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RCMusic National Gold and Regional Gold Medal Winners from Ware

Harmony, History & Theory Classes for RCMusic Exams

What classes do I need for my Performance Certificate?

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Acoma History and Theory Textbooks by authors Lynn and Peter Ware provide adequate practice, clear, concise presentations and a step-by-step approach.

Our searies textbooks for Acoma Company enable high grades on RCMusic Examinations.

With Four RCMusic National Gold Medals Winners in Music Theory, Ware's students achieved the highest-grade averages in Canada and the GTA for all theory requirements for their ARCT. For students merely interested in passing, our unified methods and textbooks make it as easy as possible generating a low failure rate. Parents need to recognize that Harmony and History classes are 3-hour, university level exams. Study and homework practice are required! Textbooks offer an easy review before the exam with no handouts to lose.


RCMusic National Gold Medal Teachers

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Highest RCMusic Harmony and History Grades and Averages in Canada

Low Failures Rates

National and Regional Gold Medal Winners

RCMusic Certified Teachers Specialists for all levels of History, Harmony, Theory, Piano, Saxophone and Guitar

3 Free Student Concerts at Milliken Wesleyan Methodist Church
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Competition Winners:
CMC, CCC, NYMF, Kiwanis, MMF

Instructor Music Degrees from:
Yale University, The Juilliard School, Cornell University, Indiana University, Manhattan, Kent State University, University of Cincinnati Collage Conservatory of Music, McGill University, University of Toronto,
University of Montreal, Victoria University, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Western, University of British Columbia.

Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Korean, French, German, and Russian

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What classes do I need for my Performance Certificate?

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