Advantages of Ware Academy Theory Classes

"The study of music theory allows the performance to be more than a series of memorized mechanical actions. " -Peter Ware

  • Students at Ware have achieved the Highest Theory Grades Averages in Canada.
  • Low Failures Rates
  • 4 National Gold Medals in Music Theory
    Ware Academy students won the National Gold Medal in Music Theory for the years of 2009, 2010, 2014 & 2016. It represents the highest average in Canada for all theory requirements (excluding L5-8 Theory) for the ARCT diploma. All of our winners maintained an average of 94 or above for all of their ARCT Theory Requirements not counting L5-8 Theory!
  • Teachers for all Theory Subjects.
  • Highly Qualified Instructors Instructors have multiple university music degrees. Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA), Master of Music (MM)
  • 30 Hours of Classes
    Ware Academy of Music we try to maintain a minimum of 30 hours of class instruction for Level 5-8 Theory and L9-ARCT Harmony and Analysis.
  • Clear English Presentations Teachers do not have accents that may hinder comprehension.
  • Testing and Mock Exams
    Weekly tests allow students/parents to constantly monitor progress. Mock exams provide realistic expectations. Official Examination Papers are available for purchase from Ware Academy.
  • Memory and Writing Techniques
    History classes offer weekly matching tests, thematic identification practice, outlines, techniques and comments for comparative essay writing! 
  • Quality Educational Textbooks
    Classes utilize a textbook series by Peter and Lynn Ware designed for the theory examinations. A consistent, organized approach allows a comfortable progression and easy transition throughout the full theory requirements. The series maintains a consistency of approach through the grades, thereby making it easier to pass or obtain higher grades as they advance through the music theory requirements.
  • Songs: Directing and Protecting
    Peter Ware’s harmony textbook series, Harmony of the Spheres, includes helpful musical examples and teaches harmonic progressions through a series of songs and Procedures.
  • No Registration Fees