Music Lessons in North York

Lessons begin with a small investment. Ware Academy offers beginning students a variety of musical instrument packages including instruments, cases, books allowing North York students to begin their private music lessons. These musical instruments are inexpensive, but adequate for lower levels of the Performance Examinations. Hesitant parents of children ages 5-8 will find the fife and recorder packages essentially risk free as both offer free Yamaha instruments. These introductory “training” wind options will lead to flute, oboe, saxophone or clarinet music lessons. Violins and guitars are made in multiple sizes to accommodate all ages. Our keyboard package features a touch sensitive model as needed to develop muscle strength. Voice lessons do not require an instrument, however young students are better served with an instrumental lesson prior to or in conjunction with private vocal lessons.

Young Private Music Students

All children respond to music: singing, clapping and dancing. I recall a beautiful moment watching children leap joyfully with total abandon to fiddlers playing Irish jigs and reels at a summer concert in the park. Such a response is innately human. In music lessons, enthusiastic responses are harnessed to become the impetus, the pulse and melody.

Teachers nurture these natural joys with music games and songs, all the while building understanding and technique. Music requires communication and control of mind and body. When successful, it conjures emotion stronger than visual or verbal expression.

Children absorb the language of music more readily than adults. Physically, emotionally and intellectually, a majority of students absorb without recognition of complexity, similar to the way they acquire language. Science has shown that children who begin music study between ages 5-6 show marked differences in brain development.

However, students of all ages reap the benefits of music making through private music lessons. Beyond enjoyment, benefits include mind/body connection, goal setting and development of self-esteem, discipline and concentration.

There are no free music lessons at Ware Academy, but parents can schedule a one-time “trial” lesson to determine if a child is ready to begin Private Online Lessons. Initially, a child may be less than enthusiastic with daily practice, but like homework, it should become a normal part of the after-school or after-dinner routine.

Essentially, good students come from good parents. Parents will need to support a positive attitude and organize daily practice. If mom or dad cannot organize and support two 15-minute or one 30-minute practice session per day, 5-6 times per week, it is not reasonable to assume a child will flourish.

Private Online Lessons for Teens

Older students require parental encouragement, but should be self-motivated. As private music becomes increasingly more demanding, it also becomes more rewarding on an emotional level. Students enjoy new technical and musical challenges with every new piece. They sense a continuousness of development and growing strength both physically and interpretively, which is sustaining and nourishing for the spirit.

Private Online Lessons for Adults

For adults, lessons keeps mental function high and wards off degenerative illness. There is a sense of adventure and the pure joy of learning.

Please see Instrument pages for more specific information: Musical Instrument Special

To book an assessment or a trial Private Online Lesson call: 905-479-0591