Computer Music Composition:
From Pop to Expermental Music and Film Scoreing

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Price $300. Eight 45 Minute Private Lessons.

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This class provides students with an introduction to writing and arranging music using a computer. The lessons and learning materials are designed for students who have no prior experience with music technology but have an interest in writing their own music. More advanced content will be provided for students who might benefit from an extra challenge.

There will be 8, 45-minute lessons. Students will be given weekly homework exercises to develop the ideas learned in class. This course is not about making any particular kind of music. Students will learn skills that can be applied to everything from electronic dance music to orchestral film scores. MIDI view 3

The goal of this course is that each student will finish with his or her own piece of music, a high quality recording and the basic skills to keep using their laptop and a decent set of headphones to make music that they are passionate about.

Software requirements: Those with little previous experience with music technology will use LMMS. Available at:
Older students and those with previous experience with music technology will use Reaper. Avaible at

Both of these programs can be used for free and work well on Windows and Mac operating systems. Call for details: 905-479-0591

Course Schedule:

Lesson 1 – Basic functions of a digital audio workstation
Inserting audio samples and MIDI notes, understanding volume, panning, etc.
Lesson 2 – MIDI melodies
Input existing melodies, basics of creating your own. Also, MIDI velocity and quantization
Lesson 3 – Electronic sound
Refine melodies from previous day using different presets in a synthesizer plugin
Lesson 4 – Sampling and looping
Learn the basics of adding loops to make interesting background textures
Lesson 5 – The drum machine
Looking at how percussive sounds can and be sequenced and automated
Lesson 6 – Sound Effects
A look at how some delay-based effects can improve texture and timbre in your music
Lesson 7 – Organizing a short computer-based composition,
Using materials from previous homework assignments, let’s look at how we can arrange various elements into a short piece of music that is expressive and makes sense
Lesson 8 – Basics of mixing audio
Making simple adjustments to create a balanced sound