Four RCMusic National Gold Medal in Music Theory Winners:
Eric Tan, Timmy Mo, Eddie Zhang & Jeremy Ho

National Gold Medal Winner Eddie Zhang with his  History and Harmony Teachers Lynn and Peter Ware

Eddie Zhang RCMusic examinatios exam grades:
Analysis 99
Advanced Harmony 95
Intermediate Harmony: 93
Basic Harmony: 90
Counterpoint: 96
History 3: 97
History 2: 100
History 1: 95
Average 96*

Theory student Eric Tan with his Harmony and History Teachers Lynn and Peter Ware

Eric Tan's RCMusic Theory Marks:
Basic Harmony: 92 
Intermediate Harmony: 90 
Advanced Harmony: 96
History 1: 98 
History 2: 96 
History 3: 96
Counterpoint: 95 
Analysis: 94
Average 95*
*Rudiments is not applicable for the award.

Eric Tan with his theory teachers, Lynn & Peter Ware, won the RCMusic National Gold Medal in Music Theory. The Medal is Awarded for the highest theory average in Canada in the year in which they complete their ARCT in performance.

Eric Tan began piano lessons at age seven. He has performed as a soloist in the Glenn Gould Studio, Roy Thompson Hall, Gilles-Lefebvre Hall, Newmarket Theatre, and as a soloist and chamber musician in many other venues.

Eric played a six-city solo concert tour as the ORMTA Young Artist of the Year. With the Yamaha Canada Award and Ester Su Memorial Award (ORMTA Provincial Competition) in hand, Eric took 1st place in the CMC National Finals in the 16 and under category. Additionally, he received the David Ouchterlony Memorial Award for the “Most Promising Piano Student” from the GTA Kiwanis Music Festival.

He won “Best of Class” in the Senior-Open Beethoven Sonata class at the GTA Kiwanis Music Festival and 2nd Prize and the Willard Schultz prize at Canadian Federation of Music Teachers' Association National Piano Competition.