Impossible Dream CD

Americas CD

Gerhard Samuel, Conductor
Lynn Harting-Ware, classical guitar
Contemporary Music Ensemble
Nocturne on the Impossible Dream, Samuel
Concerto for Guitar and Chamber Orchestra*, Smoot (Lynn Harting-Ware, soloist)
Kabah* (string octet), Ware

“This is a highly adventurous and strangely beautiful recording.”
-The North Jersey Herald & News US

Impossible Dream issues forth from a world beyond the present and into a realm where intimations of mortality and the after death are communicated through pure instrumental sounds. As the rigid confines of convenient earthly perceptions vanish, so too, the musical boundaries extend. When that commonly known tonality is disrupted, one senses a new emotional code in which time is suspended. Eyes closed, an uninhibited mind will find here an amazing virtual reality. Describing the disc’s main piece, Peter Ware’s string octet, Kabah, Joseph McLellan of the Washington Post writes: "An exotically evocative piece . . . with eerie harmonics, long held notes and often sparse harmonies conveying a sense of vast emptiness and antiquity." Featuring the CCM Contemporary Music Ensemble, conducted by Gerhard Samuel, this recording opens with Samuel’s Nocturne on an Impossible Dream for mixed chamber ensemble and also includes Richard Smoot’s Concerto for Guitar and Chamber Orchestra.

GXD-5733 (CD, DDD) UPC:640139573329 Total Time 51:26

*Works published by Acoma Company

Ms. Harting-Ware performs exclusively on D'Addario strings.

Her compact disc recordings include The Many Moods of the Guitar (GXD 5732), Impossible Dream (GXD 5733), Forest Scenes (GXD 5734) , Americas (GXD 5736), and Angelica (5735).

Her commitment to developing the classical guitar repertory leads her to publish a catalog of classical guitar music for Acoma•Nambe Editions.